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  1. Ally Runs: Inna Mystic Ally Monk Speeds / GR 150d
  2. Rat Runs with LoD-Necromancer
  3. Combination Runs with LoD WoL, Bomb Crusader or Marauder Demon Hunter

General Strategy

We already have a guide on how experience works and how to farm it effectively here. In this article, we will talk about the 4-Player most effective tactic available (META) for experience (exp) farming. There are different ways to farm experience efficiently in groups, but they all have one thing in common: Clearing Greater Rifts as high and as fast as you can! This method yields the most exp by far as you can see in our Greater Rift Scaling Guide. We farm in groups because we are much stronger with more players and get nice group experience bonuses.
Group experience META's generally include synergies that exceed normal support buffs, like Movement Speed buffs with Standoff for Furious Charge META or Land of the Dead combined with Life from Death & Reaper's Wraps for Rat runs. Here is a list of experience META's we had in past patches:

2.6.315 (Boon of the Horadrim)RATS / LoN SB WD / Star Pact Wiz
2.6.416 (Season of Grandeur)Charge Barb / RATS / Bazooka Wiz
2.6.517 (Season of Nightmares)Vyr Wiz / RATS
2.6.618 (Season of Triune)Vyr Wiz / RATS
2.6.719 (Season of Eternal Conflict)WW Rend Barb / RATS / HF Sader
2.6.820 (Season of the Forbidden Archives)RATS / Spirit Barrage WD
2.6.921 (Trials of the Tempests)GoD DH / RATS / 150 LoD PSN Scythe
2.6.1022 (Shadows of the Past + 4th Cube)RATS / BATS
2.7.023 (The Disciples of Sanctuary)RATS / BATS / BIRDS
2.7.124 (Ethereal Memory)GODS / BIRDS / RATS
2.7.225 (Soul Shards)INNA / RATS

As you can see above, there has been one constant META since the Rise of the Necromancer release: Rat Runs! In Patch 2.7.2 there is a strong contender: The Inna's Mantra Mystic Ally Monk. Both of these META revolves around the new Dregs of Lies for the massive bonus damage to Pets and the Sliver of Terror for the massive damage buff from abilities on cooldown.

1. Inna Runs: Inna Mystic Ally Monk Speeds / GR 150

The group setup revolves around two Fire Ally Monks supported by a zBarb pulling Elites and grouping monsters together so that the Allies can hit many targets at once, with a zDH tremendously buffing their damage.

High DPS version with Shenlong's Spirit
In this version we go for maximum DPS provided by Shenlong's Spirit set and use only Messerschmidt's Reaver to reset our cooldowns. We stack as much CDR as possible to minimize possible downtimes. Avoid Maximum Spirit stat, as it makes it harder to manage Shenlong's Spirit buff. The runs should be around 2.5-3.5 minutes.

Be careful with your Mystic Ally. You should only press it in two situations: when you have an elite pack (so that In-Geom can reset its cooldown) or when you have a large trash pack (so that Messerschmidt's Reaver can reset its cooldown). And, of course, don't forget to use Cyclone Strike before you go boom.

Inna Monk x2
Fire Ally Monk

Depending on how you feel about your toughness you can swap some runes and passives around to get more damage or survivability. For offense, use Radiance, Unity or Momentum. For defense - Blinding Speed, The Guardian's Path or Near Death Experience. At low Paragon you can go for an extreme toughness setup by using Spirit Guards and Lefebvre's Soliloquy instead of Aughild's Authority.
We can also use the Fire Ally rune together with In-Geom and Messerschmidt's Reaver to activate it as often as possible. We lose a lot of power, exchanging a 4.5x multiplier from Shenlong's Spirit for 75% additive Attack Speed from Echoing Fury, but in return we gain tons of mobility from In-geom and also make the build a lot more consistent. With this version you should be doing 2 minute runs.

2. Rat Runs with LoD Necromancer
(About the same as Ally Runs)

This is the most figured out META with 2 LoD Mage Necromancers as Damage Dealers, a zNec and a zBarb. There have been a lot of variations in the past with Bones of Rathma (which gave the name to this META) Legacy of Nightmares, Legacy of Dreams (LoD) and many more. Rats have been the top tier experience farming META since its introduction into the game in patch 2.6.0 with the Necromancer as a new class. This META is extremely fast and benefits tremendously from the Soul Shards during Season 25.

The zNec leads the group, cursing every monster with Briggs' Wrath and applying the Critical Hit Chance debuffs from Brittle Touch on the enemies. They also freeze everything with Land of the Dead Frozen Lands to proc Krysbin’s Sentence and protect the damage dealers. The zBarb adds buffs, scouts and picks up the Health and Progression Globes as soon as possible! The most important buff to keep up is the crowd control immunity from Ignore Pain Mob Rule. The damage Necromancers stay close to slain enemies to get Essence back from Devouring Aura. Finally, they summon fully powered Skeletal Mage Singularity onto the Elites by hovering the cursor over them for focused damage.

Rat Nec x2
Rat Nec

Rat Necromancer


At very high Paragon you can drop the zBarb completely and get a zDH in. That way the Necromancers get even more damage from Odyssey's End, Companion Wolf Companion and Multishot Wind Chill. The tradeoff is the Necromancers can die very easily now without Ignore Pain and War Cry.
This setup is only recommended for very experienced players and can even outperform Ally Runs. For 99% of players, however, we strongly recommend playing with a zBarb.  

3. Combination Runs with LoD WoL, Bomb Crusader or Marauder Demon Hunter
(15 - 20% less exp than Ally Runs)

General Concept
These runs utilize a basic team with zBarb, zDH and two DPS. The supports provide massive offensive and defensive buffs and a bunch of utility such as Movement Speed, pulling and grouping mobs, picking up globes, clicking pylons etc. In Season 25 we have 3 different damage dealers who are very close to each other in power: the LoD WoL Monk, the LoD Bombardment Crusader and the Marauder Sentry Demon Hunter. Your two DPS can be any combination out of these 3 and the results will be very similar.

LoD WoL Monk

With the recent buff to Rabid Strike the Legacy of Dreams Wave of Light Monk combined with the Soul Shards this build remains insanely strong.
The group setup revolves around two Wave of Light Monks supported by a zBarb pulling Elites and grouping monsters together while a zDH tremendously buffing their damage.
Monks spam Serenity to maintain Squirt's Necklace buff. They use Cyclone Strike into Wave of Light spam to kill everything. They try to Epiphany teleport with Cyclone Strike instead of using Dashing Strike to get more Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac procs into Epiphany and Air Ally. The Monks need to pay attention to the position of their Rabid Strike clone (shown by a purple dot on the minimap). The clone likes to get stuck on terrain several screens behind, especially if the Monks teleport a lot. If that happens, they need to stop attacking for a couple of seconds to let it reset.
Pillar of the Ancients does more damage but has way smaller AoE than Explosive Light and can also be played as an alternative. Thanks to Stone of Jordan, the same gear can be used to play with either rune.



Bombardment Crusader

The Crusader excels at AoE damage and also brings some Movement Speed and Damage buffs via Laws of Hope Wings of Angels and Strongarm Bracers.
The Crusader’s job is to group up mobs with Condemn Vacuum and destroy them with Bombardment. You should mostly focus on keeping your Iron Skin active at all times to buff automatic casts from Belt of the Trove. Manual Bombardment should be used on large groups of trash and elites.



Marauder Sentry Demon Hunter

With the changes introduced in Season 25 giving the Embodiment of the Marauder back its auto-fire ability and boosting Sentry damage through the (6) Bonus, the main source of damage is the turrets once again! A Cluster Arrow version and a Multishot version are possible and very similar in damage! While this Demon Hunter is very strong, but it takes some time to place all your Senties, so the runs are not up to speed of Rats or Inna-Runs.

As a Demon hunter keep up your buffs (5x Sentry, Wraps of Clarity, Bastions of Will) at all times. Let you Support gather enemies with and mow them down with Multishot. Activate Vengeance when needed for bigger bursts. Try to keep up Squirt's Necklace as much as possible for the extra damage buff by standing behind your line of defense.



Damage Dealer Option: LoD WoL Monk
Damage Dealer LoD WoL Monk


Damage Dealer Option: Bomb Sader
Damage Dealer Bombardment Crusader


Damage Dealer Option: Marauder Demon Hunter
Damage Dealer Marauder Sentry Demon Hunter


There are plenty of options to farm experience efficiently in groups. Always communicate with your teammates to optimize Greater Rift times, Pool of Reflection uptime and town rotations. Soul Shards take experience farming to new heights during Season 25. Especially Pet builds with the powerful Dregs of Lies are stronger than ever before! Happy farming!


META report by Rob
Reviewed by Northwar