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The Whirlwind (WW) Barbarian uses the Wrath of the Wastes set and has become one of the strongest builds in the game after having Rend added to its bonus. The core concept is that Whirlwind applies the Damage over Time (DoT) effect from Rend using Ambo's Pride. You spin and move through the monster while DoTing and killing them quickly.

Some people call this build "Rend Barb" while others call it "Whirlwind Barb", however the build's main damage comes from Rend as Whirlwind just applies the Rend to do all the damage.

This build excels many other builds in Diablo at Speed farming content as it is lighting quick and deals a tremendous amount of damage while constantly moving.

This is an Area Damage (AD) build, since selfcast Rend can proc it. However, any Rend cast by Ambo's Pride does not have this property (see Mechanics), requiring you to weave in Rends manually while spinning around with Whirlwind. Due to the pulling power of Ancient Spear Rage Flip and Ground Stomp Wrenching Smash this build is excellent for high solo push on the leaderboards. So let's get started!

Very Mobile ✔
Easy Gameplay ✔
One of the Strongest Builds ✔
Deals Damage while Moving ✔

Cooldown Dependency
❌ Band of Might Dependency

No Full Area Damage Benefit
❌ Easy to Play Difficult to Master

Core Setup

Core Item Build
  • We use the Wrath of the Wastes set for the crazy damage increase and toughness while channeling Whirlwind and for three seconds after.
  • Lamentation provides a Rend damage buff and makes Rend stack twice on the same target.
  • Ambo's Pride lets us apply the damage over time from Rend in just 1 second.
  • On Jewelry slots you can choose between:
    Squirt's Necklace, Focus & Restraint, Convention of Elements for multiplicative damage or Band of Might for an insane toughness boost.
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac can be a nice alternative for Cooldown Reduction but you have to lose a damage multiplier to equip it.
  • In the Weapon slot we can use Messerschmidt's Reaver or In-geom for Cooldown Reduction as well as Echoing Fury for the Movement Speed.

Season 26 Echoing Nightmares

Echoing Nightmares are a new rewarding endgame activity set within the memories of fallen Nephalem. You must first acquire a Petrified Scream from a Greater Rift Guardian, and then cube it to enter. Once inside you'll be challenged with an endless wave of enemies until you are either overwhelmed or killed. Your goal here is to reach Wave 125 for the highest possible Whisper of Atonement with extra XP rewards added for going higher. Read our complete Season 26 Echoing Nightmare Guide for full information on how it works, and check out our brand new Echoing Nightmare Build Tier List and our META post for the best strategies!

Echoing Nightmare Setup
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This build is good for this game mode. This Build utilize the Speed Greater Rift setup with a few tweaks.


  • Switch Ignore Pain to Threatening Shout Falter to increase DPS.
  • Reroll Area Damage to Average Damage as we do not need to make huge pulls.


  1. Reach Wave 100 and click Speed Pylon to boost your mobility and dodge Green Meteors.
  2. When you are more than 40% overwhelmed click Power Pylon.
  3. When you are more than 60% overwhelmed click Channeling Pylon and Conduit Pylon.
  4. After all Pylons expire, run away from monsters and dodge everything to squeeze out an extra 3-5 tiers.

Keep up Band of Might at all times. The majority of trash monsters should die on the way as you spin trough. You need to Furious Charge at least once every 5 seconds for the full Focus & Restraint buff and so that Band of Might stays up. The shield plyon protects your double damage buff from Squirt's Necklace most of the time. Cast Wrath of the Berserker on cooldown and keep up your Sprint buff to blast around like crazy.

Global Stat Priorities

Aim for around 45-50% Cooldown Reduction to ensure permanent Wrath of the Berserker, use Boon of Bul-kathos and complementary Cooldown Reduction items like Messerschmidt's Reaver or In-geom.
Rend damage does not scale with Attack Speed so we do not need to reach any Breakpoints here!

Assembling the Build

1. Do the Challenge Rift for the materials to cube Legendary Powers. You can complete this once a week for additional resources and we always update the guide for you!

2. Gather the full Wrath of the Wastes set. Each piece can be gambled from Kadala for Bloodshards. Do not salvage any duplicate pieces you find! Instead convert them to another part of the set with Recipe 4 in Kanai's Cube. If you have extra materials you can use Recipe 3 to craft the remaining pieces, but this is expensive and not recommended for new players.

3. Gamble from Kadala in this order:

  1. The full Wrath of the Wastes set
  2. Create a level 1 Barbarian and gamble for Band of Might
  3. Lamentation
  4. Warzechian Armguards and Nemesis Bracers, Mortick's Brace for other variants
  5. Rechel's Ring of Larceny, keep Convention of Elements, Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, Focus and Restraint for the other variants

4. Craft using Recipe 3 in Kanai's Cube in this order:

  1. Mighty Weapon to get Ambo's Pride
  2. Swords to get In-geom
  3. Two-Handed Axes to get Messerschmidt's Reaver
  4. Maces to get Echoing Fury
  5. Rings to get Rechel's Ring of Larceny, keep Convention of Elements, Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, Focus and Restraint for the other variants
  6. Anything from the Gamble list in Step 3 that you haven't already acquired.

5. Do Bounties to acquire several important items for this build:

  • Act 1: Ring of Royal Grandeur
  • Act 2: Gloves of Worship
  • Act 3: Avarice Band
  • Bounty Turn In: Recipes for Captain Crimson's Trimmings, Sage's Journey and Cain's Destiny (for your follower)

6. There is one final required piece to piece to acquire, Squirt's Necklace. With amulets being so expensive to gamble and craft, we'll have to search for it to drop in Nephalem and Greater Rifts. It can drop on any class so try to group up with friends when possible to share your loot! Finally you can spice up your season by doing some Ubers to craft Hellfire Amulet (recipe can be bought from Squirt the Peddler in Act 2).

Item Stat Priorities

Echoing Fury
Sun Keeper
The Slanderer
Messerschmidt's Reaver
The Furnace (Cubed)
1. Damage Range
2. Socket Ramaladni's Gift
3. Cooldown Reduction
4. Elite Damage
5. Strength
6. Damage %
Off-HandAmbo's Pride
Little Rogue
1. Damage Range
2. Socket Ramaladni's Gift
3. Cooldown Reduction
4. Elite Damage
5. Strength
6. Damage %
HelmHelm of the Wastes1. Socket Flawless Royal Diamond
2. Critical Hit Chance
3. Strength
4. Vitality
GlovesGauntlet of the Wastes1. Critical Hit Chance
2. Critical Hit Damage
3. Cooldown Reduction
4. Strength
ShouldersPauldrons of the Wastes
Mantle of Channeling (Cubed)
1. Rend Damage
2. Cooldown Reduction
3. Strength
4. All Resistance
5. Vitality
Chest Cuirass of the Wastes1. Rend Damage
2. Sockets Flawless Royal Diamond
3. Strength
4. Elite Damage Reduction
5. All Resistance
6. Vitality
PantsTasset of the Wastes
Captain Crimson's Thrust (Crafted)
1. Sockets Flawless Royal Diamond
2. Strength
3. All Resistance
4. Vitality
BootsSabaton of the Wastes
Captain Crimson's Waders (Crafted)
1. Strength
2. All Resistance
3. Vitality
4. Armor
Ring 1Focus
Rechel's Ring of Larceny
Avarice Band (A3 Bounties)
Ring of Royal Grandeur (A1 Bounties, Cubed)
Band of Might (Cubed)
1. Socket
2. Critical Hit Damage
3. Critical Hit Chance
4. Damage Range
5. Cooldown Reduction
Ring 2Restraint
Convention of Elements
Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
1. Socket
2. Critical Hit Damage
3. Critical Hit Chance
4. Damage Range
5. Cooldown Reduction
BracersNemesis Bracers
Mortick's Brace
1. Physical Damage
2. Critical Hit Chance
3. Strength
4. All Resistance
5. Vitality
AmuletSquirt's Necklace
The Flavor of Time
Hellfire Amulet
1. Socket
2. Critical Hit Damage
3. Physical Damage
4. Critical Hit Chance
5. Strength
Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle (Crafted)
1. Strength
2. All Resistance
3. Vitality
4. Life per Fury Spent
5. Life %
PotionBottomless Potion of Kulle-AidFor breaking walls to pull enemies
and increase DPS


  • Bane of the Trapped is the most common damage gem, and as we are a melee character, the rank 25 effect will slow all enemies within 15 yards providing us a flat 1.6 damage multiplier.
  • Taeguk grants us up to 80% additive damage as well as a 20% Armor buff and is a great offensive gem since we are a channeling based build.
  • Other popular choices are Bane of the Stricken for solo push, Boon of the Hoarder for Torment farming and Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard for a shield bonus in combination with Squirt's Necklace for double damage, some additional toughness and insane healing.


  • Rend as our main damage dealer.
  • Whirlwind to apply our Rend using Ambo's Pride.
  • Furious Charge or Ground Stomp are used to proc Band of Might for a massive defensive boost, while also being used to maintain our Focus & Restraint buff for the 1.5 damage multipliers (for a total 2.25 damage multiplier).
  • Wrath of the Berserker for an overall stat boost and Crowd Control immunity. Pair this skill with a Cooldown Reduction item like In-geom and/or Boon of Bul-kathos.
  • The last two skill slots vary a lot from version to version. Popular choices are Battle Rage, Ignore Pain, War Cry and Sprint.


  • Rampage is the strongest Barbarian passive there is with its 25% buff to total Strength. It provides a massive boost to both offense and defense (Armor).
  • Boon of Bul-kathos is used to help us achieve 100% Wrath of the Berserker uptime.
  • Other damage options include Brawler, Ruthless, and Berserker Rage. Nerves of Steel can be used as a defensive option.

Paragon Points

1. Movement Speed1. Critical Hit Damage1. All Resistance1. Area Damage
2. Strength2. Critical Hit Chance2. Life %2. Pickup Radius
3. Vitality13. Cooldown Reduction3. Armor3. Resource Cost Reduction
4. Maximum Fury4. Attack Speed4. Life Regeneration4. Life per Hit

1 Add a bit of Vitality if you feel too squishy (a total of 700,000 Life is recommended).


Patch 2.7.0 revamped the follower system giving all 3 hirelings new powers and the emanate system. The first thing you should do is read our complete follower guide and remember the key takeaways:

  1. The emanation system allows followers to share certain legendary and set powers with you. The most important ones are: The Flavor of Time, Nemesis Bracers, Avarice Band, Sage’s Journey and Cain’s Destiny. Click the guide above for the full list.
  2. Follower’s powers are based on their main stat (maxed at 25,000, but they have a 2.5x multiplier so you only need 10,000). This means we stack Intelligence on the Enchantress, Dexterity on the Scoundrel and Strength on the Templar.
  3. Followers share 20% of their Experience, Magic and Gold Find stats with you.
  4. Legendary gems do not work on followers, except Esoteric Alteration and Mutilation Guard.
  5. Cooldown Reduction does not work for any follower skill except the Templar’s Heal.
  6. Followers never deal significant damage; you’re on your own to clear the content.

With these in mind, let’s get into our recommendations for this build.
Select Follower

T16 Enchantress

Speed GR Enchantress

Gr Pushing Enchantress

T16 Enchantress

For T16 we recommend this Enchantress setup because she is the only follower that gives Cooldown Reduction, allowing you to spam your abilities more. Since this is T16 content, she’ll stay alive with Esoteric Alteration and Mutilation Guard and use Hand of the Prophet to gain all skills. This will give us Cooldown Reduction, Elemental Damage, Reduced Damage from Ranged Attacks, Armor, Attack Speed, and a Cheat Death.
Stat Priorities:Since we do not have the immortality focus, we need to stack survivability on our Enchantress.

Intelligence > Vitality > Life % > Armor > All Resistance > Life Per Hit > Attack Speed.

Key Items:

  • The Flavor of Time: For double duration on Pylons.
  • Nemesis Bracers: For extra Elites, Death’s Breaths and In-geom procs.
  • Avarice Band: For the insane pickup radius.
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur: To complete our sets.
  • Gloves of Worship: For 10 Minute Shrine Buffs.
  • Sage’s Journey: For double Death’s Breaths.
  • Cain’s Destiny: For 25% more Greater Rift Keystones.


With Ambo's Pride our Whirlwind applies Rend and deals crazy amounts of damage. All other skills are there to buff your toughness, damage and movement speed. You want to Whirlwind almost all the time, never having to cast Rend itself in speed runs. Keep up all your buffs: Wrath of the Berserker, Battle Rage, Ignore Pain, War Cry and Sprint. Make sure to use Furious Charge or Ground Stomp to keep Band of Might and Focus & Restraint buffs.


This is a very hardcore friendly build as long as you make sure to always use Band of Might and Nerves of Steel.

Check out our dedicated Hardcore Survival Guide to learn more about how to succeed in this game mode!


Nephalem Rifts
Torments Low Paragon

I never would have believed that we would see a Barbarian that could rival the Monk's Wave of Light speed build, but it happened with Patch 2.6.7!

The idea here is to stack loads of Movement Speed while still being able to kill all enemies within seconds by just passing through them. We keep Rend with Bloodbath on the skill bar to spread the Rend to more enemies as our Whirlwind skill applies the rune automatically.

Overall easy gameplay, crazy damage & awesome speed, all you need for a god tier Torment build! Keep up damage & toughness buffs and spin to win!

For group Torment farming we take Nemesis Bracers, Avarice Band and The Flavor of Time back into the setup. You can also add Wreath of Lightning instead of Bane of the Trapped if you have enough damage and want more Movement Speed.

Furthermore you can drop Band of Might and Tasset of the Wastes to equip Ring of Royal Grandeur and Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan and switch Furious Charge to Battle Rage Ferocity on your skill bar for even more Movement Speed. If you prefer a very chill setup where you basically can not die, include Goldwrap in the Cube or equip it and cube Lamentation. Combine that with Bul-Kathos's Solemn Vow and Bul-Kathos's Warrior Blood as weapons for insane Fury generation and you got the perfect chill farming build!

For all the people interested here is a Gameplay Video.

Fast Bounties

Just like in the Nephalem Rifts we stack plenty of movement speed buffs together with decent toughness buffs. We do not need Nemesis Bracers here as we can ignore most shrines, just finish the bounties as fast as possible! The added toughness and damage from Mantle of Channeling helps out nicely instead!

The Gameplay here is very similar to Nephalem Rifts. Use Wrath of the Berserker and Ignore Pain to gain crowd control immunity when you teleport from bounty to bounty and trigger clickables! Keep up your buffs and spin around until the bounty is done!

You can drop Messerschmidt's Reaver and take In-geom to keep Wrath of the Berserker up more constantly if you prefer. Feel free to cube Ambo's Pride and add Bul-Kathos's Solemn Vow as well as Bul-Kathos's Warrior Blood as weapons for insane Fury generation and Movement Speed.

GR Solo Speeds
Solo Speed Greater Rift Band of Might

The Whirlwind Rend Barb is one of the strongest builds for solo farming of any kind and shines especially in experience farming as the build can run mid tier Rift levels very effectively due to its somewhat unique mechanic:

Moving while doing crazy amounts of damage!
You can run around Greater Rift Level 105 and even all the way up to 120 with above 10k Paragons for crazy amounts of experience and loot.

Keep up Band of Might at all times and go from elite to elite. The majority of trash monsters should die on the way as you spin trough. You need to Furious Charge at least once every 5 seconds for the full Focus & Restraint buff and so that Band of Might stays up. The shield provided by Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard should protect your double damage buff from Squirt's Necklace most of the time. Cast Wrath of the Berserker on cooldown and keep up the buffs from Sprint and Ignore Pain to blast around like crazy.

At high Paragon (around 5,000) you can drop Band of Might, equip Captain Crimson's Thrust & Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle, cube Ring of Royal Grandeur & Lamentation. This version is slightly stronger but a lot more squishy.

GR Solo Push
Solo Greater Rift Push

Below under Rend mechanics we talk about how only self casts proc Rend Area Damage. This is exactly what we need do here:

1. Try to find an open map for your first floor where you can comfortably drag elites along with Ancient Spear Rage Flip.
2. Create a huge group of monsters using your Rage Flip, while channeling Whirlwind to stay alive.
3. Once everything is grouped up nicely with a pixel Ground Stomp start doing manual Rends. Focus on your Physical Convention of Elements rotation to deal most damage. Alternate between doing a tick of Whirlwind and casting 2 Rends manually to benefit from Area Damage. Keep the defensives buffs from Mantle of Channeling and Wrath of the Wastes (4) Bonus.
4. Try to stand in Oculus Ring from your follower as often as possible.
5. Drag elite packs along and always fight them with trash around to gain rift progression and utilize Area Damage.
6. Pray for a Conduit Pylon to finish off most elite packs with The Flavor of Time.
7. For the Rift Guardian we use the tremendous power of Bane of the Stricken stacking with our Whirlwind skill. Rift Guardians that summon minions later on like Saxtris and Binder are ideal as we can get additional Rend procs from Bloodbath and nice value from our Area Damage, which is further enhanced by Ruthless for crazy damage output in the final stage.

At super high Paragon levels (8,000+) you can try the Captain Crimson Trimmings set Setup without Band of Might. Take in Boon of Bul-Kathos instead of Nerves of Steel if you have problem to maintain Wrath of the Berserker.

Here is a Gameplay Video.

GR Group Speeds
2h Low Paragon

Concept & Group Synergy
The  WW Rend Barb as trash killer has awesome AOE possibilities with Rend Bloodbath. This rune together with Lamentation allows you to stack up to 4 Rends on the target (2 normal ones and 2 bloodbath procs). We usually add an Impale Demon Hunter or a Heaven's Fury Crusader because they provide very high single target damage to kill Elites and the Rift Guardian, while providing awesome buffs to the group such as Companion and Marked for Death. Add a zMonk to maintain our buff from Squirt's Necklace as much as possible. You can basically say a Monk is like a 2nd Rend Barb as you gain double damage from Squirt's Necklace alone, while zMonk still provides massive toughness and damage buffs by himself. zBarb is the other standard support in this kind of speed runs as it provides the full package of toughness, damage buffs and pulling abilities. A zNec is not very useful because Rend, as all other damage over time skills, does not work with any critical hit chance debuffs on enemies. That means Iceblink does not work with DoT skills either, it is just used to buff the Demon Hunter or Crusader Rift Guardian Killer.

Dual Wield Low Paragon

The planner on the right side starts off with the high base damage 2h build using Messerschmidt's Reaver to keep a nice up time on Wrath of the Berserker. In this setup we use Band of Might to gain 5 times our toughness and we want to proc our Focus & Restraint rings with Furious Charge every 5 seconds anyways our up time should be 100%. Bane of the Powerful is used here to gain some more damage to Elites as well as damage reduction from the elites. For our passive skills we take a full offensive approach. Feel free to add a defensive passive like Nerves of Steel or Superstition, if you feel you are dying too much.
On the left planner we switch from a 2h to a dual wield setup. We take Sun Keeper to make use of the higher base average damage as well as the elite damage. We add Ambo's Pride to free up the cube slot for Messerschmidt's Reaver again. As this is the low paragon setup we also stay with Band of Might for 5 times more toughness, but if you are high Paragon (3000+), switch the cube to Convention of Elements for the extra damage.


WW Barb Guide



  • Has a base duration of 6 seconds, not 5 (the tooltip is straight up incorrect).
  • Self-cast damage is only calculated off Mainhand. The Off-hand can be any off-rolled weapon for supporting purposes (Cooldown Reduction, Area Damage etc.). Whirlwind, and therefore Ambo's Pride, oscillates between both weapons.
  • Scales with Critical Hit Chance & Critical Hit Damage but can not crit:
    Each Rend tick has (1 + Critical Hit Chance * Critical Hit Damage) as a separate multiplier.
    Only Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage that you see in your detail sheet, will scale it. Any debuff-Critical Hit Chance (Iceblink, Multishot Wind Chill, Corpse Lance Brittle Touch, Bash Onslaught, etc.) will not scale Rend.
  • Battle Rage Bloodshed has no effect in regards to Rend damage (except for the base rune crit), because Rend does not crit.
  • Rend instance snapshots Critical Hit Chance upon cast.
  • Self-cast Rend does proc Area Damage.
  • Rend Bloodbath explosions count as a separate Rend instance but are capped to 2 due to Lamentation. This makes Bloodbath by far the best damage rune (effectively doubling the damage output as long as you are constantly killing stuff).
  • Rend ticks every 12 Frames (0.2 seconds). Damage is accumulated and displayed every 48 Frames (0.8 seconds).

Ambo's Pride

  • Ambo's Pride has a proc coefficient of 1 and applies a Rend on each Whirlwind tick.
  • Rend applied by Ambo’s Pride does not proc Area Damage.
  • Applies the equipped rune from the skill bar.
  • Oscillates between Main-hand and Off-hand, just like Whirlwind.
  • Can't exceed the base Lamentation cap of two stacks.

2-Hand vs. Dual Wield Comparison

Pro 2H:

  • 2-Handed Weapons gives 69% higher base average damage for your Rend:
  • This is the average 2-handed Mace damage divided by average 1-handed Mace + average Mighty Weapon damage.
  • If you factor in the 130% Critical Hit Damage of the second gem in the Off-hand weapon the total damage difference is 39.8%.

Pro Dual Wield:

  • 20% more Cooldown Reduction for more Wrath of the Berserker, Call of the Ancients and Squirt's Necklace uptime.
  • 130% more Critical Hit Damage as you gain a second gem in the Offhand.
  • 20% more Elite damage due to Sun Keeper.
  • 20% attack speed meaning faster Rend build up at 25 frames or 0.833 second instead of 30 frames or 1 second (25 frames breakpoint on Whirlwind instead of 30).
  • Around 1600 more Main Stat and Armor as you gain an extra roll and augment from the Offhand.
  • Faster manual Rend casts for Area Damage.

In the end both setups are very close to one another. Depending on the paragon and other stats 2-Hand is slightly more damage but less toughness. I personally can't really recommend one, I only played 2-Hand in the group video above, so again nice diversity! Just play with whatever good weapons you can find!


  • Put together the core items and acquire the full Wrath of the Wastes set.
  • Overall very powerful build that can be used to farm anything in the game without changing gear too much!
  • Very tanky and hardcore friendly especially with the Band of Might setup!
  • The strongest solo push build Barb currently has!
  • Easy to play the base version but difficult to master in Solo Pushes!


Written by Rob.
Reviewed by Northwar & Raxxanterax.


Apr 6th 2022
Updated for Season 26 / Patch 2.7.3